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Traditional to modern, finding the ideal coffee table

Ah, the coffee table, one of the most important pieces of the living room puzzle, due to its important task of anchoring your sitting area. The double edged sword seemingly endless choices on the internet leaves one both excited yet completely and utterly confused which what to choose.

Below are some of the most important questions you need to
ask yourself before committing to a purchase.

What’s the Purpose?

While this may seem like a little odd question to ask yourself, you’d be
surprised at the variety of possible uses for a coffee or cocktail table.
Are you in need of a practical storage room, an elegant display area for books and other items, a simple dinner, or just a place to put your remote on?


Shape and Size?

Magnussen Helix Wood Rectangular Cocktail Table

This is perhaps the most important aspect, so often ignored by many buyers. Imagine your disappointment when purchasing an inspiring looking design only to find out later that it’s completely unsuitable for the shape and dimensions of your living room.

Solution :

Assuming it will be placed in your living room, start by measuring the height of your couch or sofa. The rule of thumb is that the table will be no less than one to two inches below the seat.

Another important factor to consider is the size of the living room. Smaller living rooms tend to work better with round tables which also have the advantage of being safe for children and pets. There are also round tables with wheels which can be easily moved to free up the living room when needed. 

Square shaped tables have the great benefit of added surface area, but are more suitable for larger living rooms. Rectangular shaped models tend to blend in well with all environments.

Best Coffee Table Styles – From Traditional, to Futuristic

Kings Brand Modern Design Chrome Finish With Glass Top Cocktail Coffee Table

Deciding on the style you want will eliminate a large portion of time wasted on irrelevant pieces. Take a look at your living room and think about the style that will complement it mostly. Is it traditional or contemporary? Equally important to both style and longevity is the material incorporated. Whether, glass, metal, or wooden construction, can enrich your decor in different ways.

Clear tables, usually constructed out of glass or acrylic materials are a great choice if you have a smaller living room, as they don’t have an overbearing presence. In fact they’ll create the illusion that your living room area is larger than it is, AND they’re easier to clean.

Wooden tables are a justifiably a popular choice of decor, but they have their own variety. Go with a large solidwood base to anchor a large living room,  and add warmth to a room. However, they are best matched with large rooms, and if you have little ones in the house, the use of coasters is crucial to avoid prints.

Metal coffee tables have their own charm and style, and create a unique modern elegance, especially combined with glass. A good rule of thumb to go by is to look for stainless steel, for both durability and longevity.


Another quick way to eliminate many potential models is a realistic approach to your budget. Is this table a final addition to your living room decor or just the beginning? Will there be additional end tables, couches and sofa? this should be considered and calculated.

Lastly, we recommend enjoying the journey. Finding your ideal coffee table could be a very fun and inspiring search, considering the rich amounts of beautiful models available. Take your time, and take advantage of customer reviews. Do your research, it’ll be worth it, and don’t forget to check our own categorical recommendations.